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How anonymous is SafeWhistle?
SafeWhistle does not track, store, or use any personally identifying information when you file your report. We scrub all logs of any IP address, phone number, browser information, etc. As well, none of this information is passed along to the entity you are reporting to. Additionally, we employ measures to anonymize your voice when filing a hotline report.
How secure is the platform?
Your report(s) are encrypted in-flight via the latest HTTPS protocols. Once your report reaches our edge, we promptly encrypt your data with a unique key. The brute-force strength of each report is in the quintillion (that’s 1 followed by eighteen zeros) years. SafeWhistle never views your reports and as your report traverses our network it remains 100% encrypted.
Can the case manager see the reportees identity?
No. SafeWhistle is a fully anonymous reporting system. Given that there is no personal information being collected, there are no identifiable tracks. The identity of the person who files the report, will stay anonymous at all times. The personnel who files the report has the ability to come forward and reveal their identity to the case manager, but only by mutual permission.
Can the reportee see the case managers identity?
No. The person who file the report will not see the case manager’s identity. They can only see what is posted on the messaging center. The identity of the case manager who is handling the case is protected and not revealed.
Does SafeWhistle have access to reporting data?
No. Only the initial reporter and authorized users inside the reporting entity have access to the report. Unauthorized access is protected cryptographically.
Is personal information recorded and/or stored?
SafeWhistle, does not collect, record, or store any personal information on the platform. Personal information is not required to file a report.
What does encrypted data mean?
We encrypt every report and update with a unique key. These keys are further encrypted with authorized user keys. Lastly when storing data for any extended period, we run an additional layer of encryption to deter theft.
What is an encryption key?
n encryption key is a highly unique “password” used to unlock any reports data. The odds of two keys ever being the same is greater than 1 in 1^76.
Why is SafeWhistle better than current solutions?
SafeWhistle integrates all the activities from filing, to resolution, in one platform, that is highly user friendly. It can be used in any industry and with companies of any size.
What is SafeWhistle's competitive advantage?
SafeWhsitle is a non-bias independent third-party service that is anonymous and highly secure. It operates outside any corporate network. This will ensure that no personal data is being collected, recorded, stored, and/or traced. Using best practices across all industries guarantees the integrity of the SafeWhistle platform.
How cost effective is SafeWhistle?
According to our market competitive intelligence analysis, using SafeWhistle instead of current market solutions, can reduce HR operating costs by as much as 50%.
Does it require any installation?
SafeWhistle requires no installation on the reporter or administrators side to use the service safely and securely. Soon you will be able to download a SafeWhistle mobile app to increase convenience, however use in this manor is not required.
Is SafeWhistle affordable?
Our pricing model is designed to accommodate all types and sizes of businesses. This aligns with our vision to promote industry-wide employee engagement and corporate trust.

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