The Use Case for Safewhistle

The Problem

SafeWhistle™ was born out of necessity. There is no known platform currently in the US market for a corporation to collect and manage reports that are critical to the integrity of their business. Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a vertical spike in the number of whistleblowing cases, more so than any other time in history. There is a whole new industry which costs Corporate America billions of dollars each year.

Historically, corporations handle whistleblowing cases through reaction, and with the approach of damage control. More than 65% of corporation are being blindsided by a whistleblower(s), which puts the company and its management team in a downward spiral, not only causing an interruption in everyday business, rather in some cases causing companies to loss half of their market cap in matter of days, before it has even proven to be a real issue.

In today’s constant stream of free information, most new outlets taking the role of news makers and not just new reporters, it is very difficult and in some cases near impossible to contain internal mishaps. In today’s world of information superhighway, you are guilty until proven innocent, and companies are being publicly judged in the court of public opinion, not in the court of law. By the time they get to the court of law, it is too late. There are more and more corporations that are falling victims to whistleblowers that are motivated by greed and malice. After all, everyone is looking to make a buck, if they can.

What is the current solution?

For the most part, many corporation are aware of the size and the scope of the problem, yet they are using an antiquated way of addressing the issue. Our research indicates that about 50% of the companies we have conducted the study with, are creating a process in order do the bare minimum required as an obligation or because it is “the right” thing to do, not because they are looking to really wrap their arms around the problem. Why do you ask?

Well here are some core observations:

  • Fundamentally by design, humans are wired to ignore or to avoid “Big Problems” so although we want to know, we really do not, and we hope that somehow it will go away.
  • Companies do not know how to handle the unearthed issues.
  • We are tangled with so many regulatory policies and laws that it is almost impossible to have a straight conversation with employees without legal involvement.
  • We motivated by fear and lack of trust So, what are the common current solutions that are being offered:
  • Dedicated 800 hotlines
  • Anonymous email boxes
  • Some internal HR portals
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Other internal reporting systems

Yet, here is the common issue with all the current solutions. They are easily traceable and not highly secure. Although there are many laws that are supposed to protect whistleblowers against retaliation and punitive actions, unofficially people know that the moment they whistleblow their career unofficially is over.

The one common, and undeniable, piece of feedback we have received in our research is that people do not trust the corporate system. Period.

What is the SafeWhistle™ solution?

SafeWhistle™ was created as a platform to allow a corporation to establish a damage prevention process instead of damage control. It the first system of its kind, in the US market, that provides whistleblowers complete anonymity and absolute privacy.

Being a third party, the users do not longer need to rely solely on corporate trust.

The SafeWhistle™ Advantages

The core advantages of using SafeWhistle™ as your internal corporate Whistleblowing platform is clear.

User – The Whistleblower

  • Complete Anonymity – the way the reporting interface is designed gives the user anonymity from exposure.
  • Privacy & Security – by design, the platform uses the highest level of cyber security that is available in the market today to make it impossible to penetrate.
  • Peace of Mind – knowing that people can report in the secure ways gives the user peace of mind.
  • Opportunity to Make a Difference – SafeWhistle™ engages people that otherwise would not act to participate in making a difference within their organization.

The Company – The internal compliance department

  • Employees Engagement – By offering SafeWhistle™, a corporation can cause a dramatic increase in employee engagement and elevation in the level of corporate citizenship.
  • Data Collection & Organizing System – it establishes an easy-to-use dashboard that categorizes the chain of events for effective communication. Streamline the Investigation Process – a collaborative two-way communication that allows companies to expedite the investigation process for faster resolutions.
  • Create an Escalation & Workflows – Allows the organization to create their internal escalation policies for higher corporate visibility.
  • Establish a proactive approach – It changes the organization’s approach to damage prevention from reactive to proactive.

The Applications

The SafeWhistle™ platform has multifaceted applications for corporate responsibility, transparency and employee’s engagements. SafeWhistle™ has built a platform that makes it easy to create a whole suite of microservices that fist each organization’s unique needs.

Services such as:

  • Whistleblowing management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Corporate Responsibility Management
  • Business Operation Integrity
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Management
  • And more…

We envision SafeWhistle™ as the visibility tool that connect all four quadrants of a business; The Stakeholders – The Management – The Employees and The Market. Ultimately creating a unique corporate overarching envelop of transparency, visibility and integrity.