SafeWhistle’s Launch

Firm brings innovative, comprehensive whistleblowing case management solution to market

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. December 15, 2017 — In an era where accusations of harassment and other unacceptable behaviors in corporations are on the rise, one company is stepping forward with a software solution that corporations can use proactively to get ahead of difficult issues.

The solution comes from SafeWhistle, the name of both the company and the whistleblowing case management product, and are actively looking for progressive market leaders to be among its early adopters.

“The opportunity is for companies to stand up to help change corporate America for the better,” said Jay Patel, Chief Executive Officer at SafeWhistle. “We hope those companies will work with us to create a safer, more transparent business world, one that holds executives in government and the private sector accountable for the integrity of their enterprise in the most secure and private way possible.”

As the new standard for whistleblowing and case management, SafeWhistle offers an encrypted, anonymous solution. Through its innovative, highly secure platform, SafeWhistle provides the tools to collect, investigate and manage employee reports.

“Even more important, our SafeWhistle platform gives companies worldwide the unique ability to deliver on a fundamental cultural shift—from damage control to damage prevention,” added Patel.

SafeWhistle’s technology embraces a range of industry standards in its approach to helping a company manage employee concerns. For more information on SafeWhistle and how the product can make a difference, visit SafeWhistle can be contacted at (248) 266-3664, ext. 101.